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Naperville, IL


Dental Care in Naperville, IL

Whatever your need for Naperville, IL, dental care, you’ll find us ready to serve you at Keith A. Brown DDS-FAGD Ltd. We use the latest techniques and state-of-the-art dental materials to deliver our services. We also provide root canal therapy with treatments completed in just one visit. We use a combination of nitrous oxide and Novocain, completely numbing the tooth and root. Once this is accomplished, we can treat the diseased nerve without you experiencing discomfort. Once we complete the treatment, we provide you with the antibiotics you need to prevent infections.

Our goal is to have your teeth functioning normally in as short a time as possible. We’re committed to providing comprehensive dental care for all our patients. We provide treatments to encourage the best possible dental health and cosmetic treatments to enhance your smile. You can come to us for:

  •  Teeth whitening
  •  Cosmetic procedures
  •  Regular inspections and cleaning

When the practice of Keith A. Brown DDS-FAGD Ltd. is your source for Naperville, IL, dental care, you can be assured of treatment dedicated to your satisfaction. You’ll find we take numerous steps to make you comfortable when you are in our offices. Call today and speak with our caring staff to schedule a convenient appointment.


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